What’s Your Passion?

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The cold months of winter being a time for hibernation and reflection, we invite the Artist community to exhibit and warm the community spirit with their most favorite art, and that which they are passionate about, in any medium. 32 Artists were selected to exhibit of 65 Artists who entered the jury. There were 46 chosen works chosen of 125 artwork submissions, in a variety of mediums. Juror Mary Melilli, Professor of Art + Design  Salem State University was the juror for the exhibition and her comments about each piece are included below.

1st Place Award – Patricia Burson  “5th Iron Pools”  Oil on Canvas

“5th Iron Pools” captures the beauty of winter with snow covered rocks and a running brook. Subtle colors and sweeping brush strokes add moments of magic to the frozen scene. The artist’s passion for painting truly comes across in this intrinsic and engaging piece.”

Burson 1st Place

2nd Place Award – Jeffrey Rezende  “Orange Dots”  Oil on Canvas

“Orange Dots” is a richly colored abstract painting containing overlapping shapes that seem friendly and familiar.

Each element has its own color and personality, creating surprising and curious mix.”

Orange Dots

3rd Place Award – Eileen Patten Oliver “Somesville, Maine” Oil 

When I look at “Somesville Maine”, I am immediately transported to a different season and time and place. The impressionist-quality daubs of oil pigment masterfully depict a lush, living landscape that is keeping with the exhibition’s directive to “warm our spirit.”


Honorable Mention Award – Gary Bagnal “Icon”  Acrylic on Canvas

““Icon” is a strong centrally focused and stark painting featuring the face of Miles Davis in the center of a brass horn. The circular brushstrokes draws the eye to the face, that emerges from the focal point of  intensity for  the viewing experience. “



Honorable Mention Award – Mary Kate Ross “Nothing Gold Can Stay”  Mixed Media

“Nothing Gold Can Stay” is a surreal abstract landscape piece with layers of fabric, paint, pieces of printed musical notations, and other artifacts. The sweet pastel colors are offset by bold three-dimensional streaks and passages of darker deeper colors, balancing both the light and dark attributes.

Honorable Mention Award  –  Joey Phoenix “Siren’s Song”  Photography

“Siren’s Song” is a mystical and theatrical photograph that invites the viewer to ask questions about the meaning of the fantastical coastal scene and how it came to be. The narrative quality is intriguing and memorable.”


Weeping BeechHonorable Mention Award  –  James Bostick “Weeping Beech”  Infared Photography on Aluminum

“Weeping Beech” is a dramatic infrared photograph that not only depicts how the natural world survives years of various conditions and actions it also shows us how it dances and radiates movement

in all directions. The tree branches appear to provide an exquisite web that holds the light emanating through the atmosphere. “

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