Exhibit Rules and Regulations

In an effort to maintain professional gallery practices, ArcWorks implements the following rules and regulations for its juried exhibits.

We ask that Artists and Art makers read and adhere to the rules and regulations,  as ArcWorks reserves the right to refuse submission to any Exhibit and will not accept artworks that do not comply to the stated rules and regulations.

Observing the following points ensures that your artwork will be exhibited in the best possible way.

We appreciate your support.  ~ Susan Dodge, Director of ArcWorks

Originality and Prints

All entries must be original works and not previously shown in an ArcWorks exhibit.

Please be mindful of copyright infringements.

Copies and reproductions of original works of art, whether embellished or not, are not eligible for submission to exhibits. However, fine art prints such as photographs, lithographs, woodcuts, engravings, etchings, screen prints and digital works are acceptable as long as they are labeled as such and numbered as an edition.


Maximum size for all artwork, is as follows:

Two- dimensional work, 2D,  measurements are 48″ in width and 48″ in height .
Three dimensional work, 3D, measurements are 36″ in circumference width 60″ in height.

Two Dimensional Art and Framing

All works on paper, including photographs, must be framed. Glass and Plexiglas must be clean inside and out, unscratched and intact.

Works on canvas must be framed or have gallery-wrapped, finished edges with no staples visible.

Frames must be in good condition, free of scratches and loose corners.

Mats must be clean and smoothly cut.

A hanging wire must be firmly attached to the back with screw-eyes or D-rings, and the wire not   exceeding the top of the frame.

2-D pieces with saw tooth hangers will not be accepted.

Dust covers or other backing material must be clean and intact.

Artwork must be completely dry at time of submission.

Three Dimensional Art

ArcWorks provides pedestals. However, the artist must provide any necessary pedestals or equipment for special display. Please contact Susan Dodge with any questions: [email protected]

Sculptures must be stable on a pedestal to withstand any accidental jostling while on display.


Work accepted for an exhibition may not be substituted, nor will any artwork be withdrawn during any exhibition, in any circumstance.

Review and Inclusion in Exhibition

All Entries will be reviewed at the time of submission to ensure adherence to the artwork condition rules and regulations of the exhibit.

Inclusion / Exclusion in the exhibit is at the sole discretion of the Juror (not connected with ArcWorks and is non-negotiable). The Director of Artworks reviews artwork for adherence to ArcWorks rules and regulations only and reserves the right to refuse submission based on the terms stated within.

The number of pieces included in the exhibit will depend upon the space available and the size of the artworks selected. On average, this will be between 20 and 30 pieces.

ArcWorks reserves the right to turn away any submissions that it deems inappropriate for our younger viewers or offensive in subject matter.

Works with overtly pornographic, discriminatory or violent messages may be barred from submission per the ArcWorks Director.

Statement of Responsibility

All entries are left at the owner’s risk—ArcWorks is not responsible for any loss or damage to submitted artwork by any means whatsoever.

ArcWorks employees, staff, and volunteers will take all necessary precaution  in handling artwork.


Three cash awards are given for each show: 1st Prize is $150, 2nd Prize is $100 and 3rd Prize is $50.


All exhibitions require a non-refundable entry fee for each submission. $5 per entry and artists may submit up to three images.


All artwork on exhibit must be For sale.

There will be “No Price on Request” (POR) or “Not for Sale” (NFS) artwork accepted or permitted for entry into any exhibition .

All artwork sold in exhibitions at ArcWorks are subject to a 30 % commission fee held by ArcWorks. Artists receive 70% of the listed sales price of any artwork sold through exhibitions

In order to receive payment for sold artwork, artists must have an up to date  W9 form on file with the Director of ArcWorks.

Payments for sold artwork are not processed until the exhibition has closed. Payments for artwork sold in any exhibition may take from 45 – 60 days to process and deliver to the artist, after the closing date.

The Director of ArcWorks will be notify Artists of the sale if art and be sent by email. ArcWorks may also send the W9 form to the Artist by US Postal service. W-9’s must be returned in order to process payments for the commission due to the artist for the sale of artwork.

Pick-Up of Artwork

Artwork must be picked up on the specified days listed on the Call for Art. There is a one week grace period for late pick-up. Anyone who has not picked up their work after the specified pick-up day is subject to an assessed a storage fee.

Artwork that has not been picked up after 30 Days of the Exhibition Closure, becomes the property of ArcWorks and Northeast Arc.


The Director of ArcWorks must review and approve in advance, any unconventional methods of display or hanging presentation.

Once an accepted piece of artwork is installed in a show, no requests for moving any art pieces, or to change the location of any art pieces, will be considered or accepted.

Placement and position of art in any Exhibit is up to the discretion of the Director and Staff of ArcWorks to place and to hang artwork. If there are requests and directions, in regards to any piece of art entered to an Exhibition, please supply and furnish those requests upon the art submission and delivery.