Hand Carried Submissions

Instructions for submitting work to a juried show through Hand-Carried Submission

An artist wishing to submit their work for a juried submission may do so one of two ways: online or hand-carried.

To submit work by hand-carried submission, artist must:

  • Thoroughly read the rules and regulations for the prescribed exhibit to ensure artwork’s adherence to quality standards
  • Bring the artwork to ArcWorks on the prescribed date during the submission hours

When the artist brings their work to submission day:

  • Artwork will be inspected for adherence to rules and regulations
  • Artists will be asked to fill out paperwork pertaining to their submissions
  • Artists will pay the submission fee for each piece submitted

After submission day:

  • Juror will select works for inclusion in or omission from the exhibit
  • Artists will be notified of inclusion/omission by email
  • Artists who need to pick up omitted¬†work must do so within 1 week of notification
  • Artists whose work is selected for inclusion must leave their work on display until the exhibit closes
  • Exhibited work must be picked up by the artist on the designated days after the close of the exhibit